Over a couple hundred factors determine how your site would rank on a search engine. These factors are broken down into categories and sub-heads that help the search engine optimization minded people and also those who are unfamiliar with SEO, in understanding more about SEO audit. Although, algorithm updates by Google highly affect the ranking of your website but on page optimization helps as another highly effective way to improve your ranking.

Below are the top 5 ways you can us to optimize your page:

#1 – Quality and Length of the content

The more detailed and fact oriented the content the better, although how you express your thoughts are very important. But both quality, keyword research and length of the content are equally important, for optimizing the page and none should be sacrificed at the cost of other. As per new updates, we think for on page optimization SEO a practice of writing 800 to 1500 words per page is apt. However keeping a check of competitor sites is also greatly determines how well your content will be against them.

#2– H1 Tag

H1 tag are as important as meta titles but are different from each other. The main title of the site is known as H1s. They help the page to communicate with search engines like Google, Bing, etc. H1.s help in conveying the important information a page has to offer to its audience and helps the search engine to pull a site up to the search results depending on every search query.

#3 – Meta titles and the Meta descriptions

Meta titles and descriptions are an integral part of for search engine and on page optimization SEO. They help Google display your search result on top of the search page when a specific search is made. Meta descriptions are very brief descriptions of what the page is going to display.

#4 – Internal Linking of content

Interlinking is very important in any website in order to get the best on page optimization. Link pages in a way they help your consumer stay on your page itself. If you have a page which speaks about some health concern say typhoid and the content has a medicine name in it, if you possess content in detail about that medicine you can interlink the two pages, so your reader gets more information and stay on your page itself instead of going on some other page to search again.

Another important aspect is the anchor text.  You can choose anchor text using the keywords that follow the theme of the content relevant to the page being linked. The anchor texts and interlinking helps the user stick to your page and get information while boosting your search ranking on the internet.

How many interlinking can be done in one page is also crucial. We advice our users to normally internally link about 3-5 times per  800-1000 words.

#5 – Image Alt Text

Image alt text is the description of what a word is about. It is extremely important for your images to reflect what they are about so as to pop up in the search results leading to the content in your page.