It is essential to know that keyword research is the foremost phase in the SEO copy-writing process. It is equally an essential part of any search engine optimization strategy. Before you go ahead and write the content for your website, you need to ponder about which search terms you wish to be found for.  It means getting into the people’s heads to search out which words they make use of when searching.

Once you know about the terms and phrases then you can easily make use of these exact terms in your content so that you start to do ranking for them. This is keyword research, and this post is going to take you through the many steps involved. Once you walk through this Keyword Research Explained, you would know everything about this concept!

What really is keyword research?

Keyword research can get defined as the work you do to turn up with a good list of keywords you wish to rank for. Similarly keyword strategy has to do with the decisions you make on the grounds of that keyword research. Key phrases are keywords that contain manifold words. You incline to use the word keyword all the time, but you don’t essentially mean it’s just one word.  Keywords generally consist of manifold words! So, in this post, when you heard the word keywords, it usually means a phrase, rather than a single or specific word.

Long tail keywords are more particular and less common as they concentrate more on a niche. The longer (and more particular) search terms are, the more convenient it shall be to rank for the term. Keywords that are more particular (and mostly longer) are generally referred to as long tail keywords.

Focus key phrase is the phrase or word you most wish your page to be found for. You must put your focus key phrase into the area of meta-box of the SEO plug-in. similarly search intent is all about finding out what a searcher actually wants. These are not simply keywords, but the fundamental goals of what a searcher wishes to know, buy or do.

Why is keyword research vital?

Proper keyword research is absolutely vital because it is going to make clear which search terms your audience makes use of. Sometimes you might come across people who use one set of words when they describe their products, while their target audience makes use of a completely different set of words. As a result of this, possible customers don’t find those sites, because of a difference in word use.

At times, marketing department may decide to give their products a specific name. And, it can be a smart marketing move. It can be a manner to make audience remember your product.   So, you might understand that it does not really make any sense to optimize for specific words that people don’t use. Good keyword research ensures that you use the same words as the target audience. It is what makes the whole effort of optimizing the website a lot worthwhile. Apart from this, by looking at search intent, you should search out which questions your customer has. The questions that you come across must get an answer in the shape of quality content.


So, since you just went through Keyword Research and how it all works; you should by now understand the entire concept pretty well!